Tungsten Sulphide : Innovate At Will!

Can one imagine a life without metals? There would be no structures, no buildings and life would come to a standstill. Metals possess superior properties which enable them to outshine over other materials. Tungsten is one metal which has its applications in several fields of research and commercial purposes. There was once a time when all the wiring involved tungsten.

This metal has phenomenal malleability and ductility. Malleability is the property of a metal to be beaten into sheets and ductility is the ability of a metal to be drawn into thin films and wires. The most common use of tungsten is however in manufacturing filament used in bulbs and CFL lamps.

Nano Particles Made From Tungsten Sulphide!

Upon combining this metal with sulphide and reducing it to a nano scale by several methods Tungsten Sulphide is obtained. This particle makes the industry to get mesmerised in its marvellous luminous properties. Lamps and bulbs which are made from this nano particle prove to offer longer lives and they come with superior luminosity.

Converting normal tungsten into its nano state might compromise with its volume but it increases its surface area to a greater extent. This factor enables the faster and rapid movement of electrons. As a result of this phenomenon the product delivers more than its usual potential creating a special requirement and high demand for it in the market.

Trusting new technology is always a risk but nevertheless this fact is also confronted with a denial. Nano materials purchased from this firm have created a benchmark for themselves owing to their superior quality and reliability.


Designer wedding cards: Blessings Make A Knot Stronger

magnificent Designer wedding cards

A marriage is never complete without the blessings of well-wishers and relatives around. An invitation is like a letter seeking to grace the wedding with their presence and bless the couple for an eternal bond. Wedding cards are not just an invitation but they also symbolize the ceremony.

Designer Wedding Cards: Your Invitation In Style

Wedding cards have evolved from simple invitations to theme-based gold embedded cards. Now a day’s designer wedding cards are the most important aspect of a good Indian wedding. They are a symbol of great honor and status. Designer wedding cards vary from vintage handcrafted cards to machine cut, endowed with great designs.

The main reason for these wedding cards to be used is the customization according to the need of the concerned client. These wedding cards are designed by Creative craftsmen according to the precise needs of customers.

Designer cards have various aspects to consider such as letters, font, design, pictures of gods in relevance, paper to be used and add-on cards. Designers provide choice in every aspect of card making for customization. Various choices in aspect like paper include Shimmery metallic paper, Mat finish boards, Fabric paper, Handmade metallic bond, Handmade silk woven paper, Handmade cotton press paper, Velvet titanium Paper and Vellum Paper.

There are also even theme based wedding cards. Cards are replicated according to the theme of the wedding. So, pick your own magnificent Designer wedding cards and make your unique hand made invite!