Evolution Of The Wedding Invitations From India

Wedding Invitations From India

                    Wedding Invitations From India | Image Resource : sevenpromises.com

With every wedding season, wedding cards are doled out in numbers for the near and far relatives. As with technology, wedding cards have witnessed an evolution of their own from being simple invitation cards to incorporating customized themes, designs and layout.

The wedding invitations from India have been at the helm of these changes as well as you can numerous styles that are at display for weddings that take place nowadays.

What changes have been observed in the wedding invitations from India?

With the advent of the internet, everything can be picked or selected from the comfort your home or office by using a computer or a mobile phone. There are ample websites spread all over the internet like indianweddingcard.com, indianweddingstore.com, indianweddingcards.in and more that have changed the look of the wedding invitations from India since the invitation can now be seen in the form of a scroll or door-open style cards or broach cards.

Besides the aforementioned designs, multi faith designer cards, laser cut invitations and bride-groom

Exploring the modern invitations from India

The competition that has ensued in the invitation cards niche ensures that there is a constant invention of designs and themes that cater to every customer’s need. Because of a continuing trend of sending customized invitations, websites like minted.com and vistaprint.com offer different varieties of paper in terms of its quality, size and design. Explore the complete options to make the right selection of wedding cards for your needs.

If money is a factor that drives the decision-making process, you can also find a plethora of options for elegant wedding invitations India that are priced to enthrall your imagination. With bulk orders, several websites provide attractive discounts as well as the option of communicating with their personal designers in order to ensure that the product, as selected, is manufactured in accordance to your need and choice.


Indian Fine Art – Paintings, Sculptures, and Prints

Indian Fine Art | Image Resource : osianama.com

Art can be broadly classified into two categories, applied art and fine art. Applied art is the one which can be put to some kind of practical application and end use. There are a large number of applied art products available in the market. Fine art on the other hand is the one which is practised mostly for aesthetic purposes. Fine art has many forms and types. Paintings, sculptures, prints, dancing, music and lately photography are also considered to be fine art.

The best of Indian Fine Art

Fine art in India has a long history which records to early BCE. The first recorded paintings were of the Buddhist Caves. Similarly paintings were practised in India for many years and were a famous part of Indian fine art. There were many kingdoms and dynasties which gave royal patronage to the painters from all parts of the world. The painters practised different styles and later on established different Schools of Art. India had many different schools like the Rajasthan School, Deccan School and Mughal School. Later on these schools got influenced by British culture and style and a new school known as Company School came up.

Modern art in India was heavily influenced by the British. Paintings for example adopted many new techniques and traditions of the English and other European painters. Modern Indian paintings were influenced by European Style and colour patterns. Indian artists used these styles and mixed them with the nationalist feelings of India. There are several Indian artists who are renowned globally for their amazing works. Some of these are Abindranath Tagore, Gangendra Nath Tagore, Amrita Shergill, and MF Hussain.

Sculptures are also one of the famous forms of fine art. Sculptures were being made in India since very long time. Later on the sculptors were also inspired by the various western movements and a whole new genre came up with the like of Ram Kinker Baij and others. Their work is considered to be one of the best in India. Installation art of Anish Kapoor for example is one of the modern arts which is globally recognised and appreciated.

Prints and photography is also one of the fine arts which have drawn a lot of appreciation. Prints are photomechanical way of transferring the original image to many copies which are sold loosely. Similarly photography is a famous art nowadays. There are many full time photographers who click amazing pictures of all the natural and historical beauties of the world.