Changing Strategies of Companies Offering SEO Services in Mumbai


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Search engine optimisation has evolved greatly over the years. When the search engines were in their nascent stages, optimisation was easy. It was easy to rank a website high on search engines in a couple of days. That is because the competition was relatively low.

Today, the competition has increased by leaps and bounds. There are several companies offering SEO services. Staying ahead in spite of this competition is not easy. That is the reason why the ageold strategies of black hat SEO and keyword stuffing do not work any more.

Here is a quick look at how SEO services in Mumbai have changed their working strategies over the years:

No Keyword Stuffing

As the Google and similar other search engines have strengthened their hold by banning sites that stuff keywords, keyword stuffing has become a malpractice on the internet. SEO services make sure the keyword density is within the permissible range in order to prevent getting blacklisted.

No Black Hat Marketing

Gone are the days when providing negative comments on competitor websites helped your website rank higher. Black hat marketing is a common word that encompasses such unethical techniques. Black hat methods are strictly avoided these days.

Building only relevant links

Increasing traffic to a website is sure the first goal of any SEO firm. But the links built should be relevant to the parent website. Otherwise, it simply increases the bounce rate and affects the reputation of the website. Companies that provide best SEO services in Mumbai clearly understand this fact and build only relevant links to client websites.

Focusing on Localised searches

The main goal of the companies providing SEO service in Mumbai is to make sure the business benefits from the SEO. That is where Localised SEO comes into picture. Modern SEO companies focus on Localised searches and rankings.

Offering Budget Friendly Packages

The modern SEO firms understand the simple fact that every client has a different set of requirements and a different budget for their project. That is why modern companies come up with unique budget friendly packages to suit the needs of people with different affordability.